To the uninitiated, a FML Moment is when you are told/read/realize something that makes you die a little inside because you are reminded of just how much your life sucks in comparison to another’s.

My FML Moment of today is brought to me by Jessie of The Gimlet Eye, who, by the way, is the foremost contributor to my FML Moments.  Jessie and the hubs are going on a babymoon to lovely Puerto Rico and get to stay HERE.  Now, I realize everyone gets to take vacays; so why the FML you ask?  It’s because there is no vacay for me this year after The Plumbing Snafu of 2010.

That would be the terra cotta main that we got to replace back in April.  See, we avoided getting raped by the tax man this year, only to have the plumber come along instead.  The joys of homeownership are never-ending.