So a friend was having her Bachelorette party in NOLA about this time two years ago (just to set the scene a bit, this is August 2008 and the Presidential election is in full swing).  After dinner and some adult beverages on Bourbon she decided Rick’s was next on our little pub crawl.  So we all pile into Rick’s, find a table, order some drinks and settle in for the shenanigans.

Out comes a lady onto the stage wearing some kind of cocktail-type dress; her brown hair pulled into a french twist, bangs just so and wearing glasses.  Immediately we all shriek, “Sarah Palin!”  We giggle and begin to chat amongst ourselves how clever this particular stripper is to have thought to use the buzz surrounding Palin’s somewhat controversial role in the election for what is sure to be financial gain.

We eagerly await the end of her “set” and watch while she begins to make her rounds, offering patrons a lap dance.  When she finally starts to head our way we wave her over and begin to gush about how smart she was to use a Sarah Palin costume in her act and whether other people have caught on to her ingenious ploy.

Cut to the stripper looking like a sorostitute who’d been asked to solve a problem in quantum mechanics.  Long pause, followed by………..”Sarah who?”

**slammed head on table**