So when I said there was no vacay in my future this year, it was sort of, kind of, not the truth.  It’s just not the big grandiose trip to Turks and Caicos or Puerto Rico that my FML contributors are taking.

The hub’s grew up in Greenville, Mississippi (that’s pronounced “Green-vul” for those Delta virgins).  Greenville is generally known for its cotton (which is apparently slowly being replaced with soybeans) and the 1927 Mississippi River flood.  Every year the city hosts The Mississippi Delta Blues & Heritage Festival.  The hubs is into that sort of music so for his birthday this year I decided to organize a little weekend trip.

We are staying in Greenwood, where the hubs’ mom now lives, which is a lovely town with a lovely main street and an AMAZING hotel.  The Alluvian looks as though it belongs in a trendy section of New York rather than the middle of the Mississippi Delta.

Alluvian Lobby looking from the check-in desk
Lobby from another angle

All of the gorgeous art work is by Delta artists in a medium of their choice.  Their only requirement is that the piece reflect some aspect of the Mississippi Delta.

There’s a spa (of course) where they offer signature Delta treatments like the Sweet Tea mani / pedi and the Delta River Rock massage.  I plan to have myself some pampering while I’m there.

The hotel also contains Giardina’s Restaurant.  Where a friend of the hub’s is now head chef.  Now let me tell you – Chef Nick trained for a while at Upperline and as a result, his fried green tomatoes are some of the BEST I have ever eaten.  We’re dining there next Friday night and I am very much looking forward to it!

Last, but not least, I have to mention the fabulous bookstore in Greenwood, TurnRow.  They specialize in Southern literature and the staff is incredibly helpful in helping you peruse the selection.  Bonus?  They often have book signings and many of their novels are available signed by the author.  Another bonus??  Upstairs is a lovely cafe (where they serve beer!!) and balcony.  Buy yourself a book, a sammich and a beer and sit out on the balcony for a few hours to read.

Also on the itinerary is a trip to Doe’s Eat Place in Greenville, home of the best steak you will ever put in your mouth.  Yeah, I totally went there and I will challenge anyone to fisticuffs who says otherwise.  Doe’s has a couple of franchises, but Greenville is the original; where I’m fairly certain the ovens are older than I am.  The salad is also awesome – prepared by old ladies in wooden bowls that have been seasoned for years.  People from around the Delta actually bring in their own newly-purchased wooden bowls to have them seasoned by the professionals at Doe’s.

There will also be music to be heard in between the feedings.  By pure happenstance Greenwood’s annual River to the Rails music festival is also the same weekend so we’ll definitely be getting our fill of the blues.

I’m always glad to share the little information I’ve picked up about the Delta, so drop me a line if anyone wants more info on where to stay, eat, shop, etc.

Have a good weekend my peeps!