I’ve decided that every Wednesday I shall post a new drink recipe.  Some I will have tried, some I will likely not have tried and therefore, you,  my six lovely followers, will be my guinea pigs (y’all have to give me something in return for the hours of endless entertainment I’m providing here).

So without further ado……this week’s recipe is (drumroll please)……..Firefly Lemonade

First, a couple of tips:  (1) this is best made in a pitcher rather than drink by drink; (2) if at all possible use homemade mint simple syrup, but they do sell some if you’re feeling lazy; and (3) use FireFly Sweet Tea Vodka and Simply Lemonade.

The mixture of vodka to lemonade is equal parts; i.e. if you add three cups of vodka, add three cups of lemonade.  I know this sounds absurd, but trust me, it will end in delicious goodness.  Then you add the mint simple syrup and some ginger ale to taste.  Don’t go watering it down with the ginger ale, you want to taste the lemonade and sweet tea flavor of the vodka – the ginger ale just gives it a little fizz.  Serve over ice with a sprig of mint.  Use a mason jar if you’re feeling campy.

There you have it folks.