Galatoire’s is a staple in NOLA.  It’s where Friday lunch starts at 10:30 am and lasts through dinner.  At Friday lunch you’re always bound to see some local celeb or politician.  

Cut to last Friday and there was a bit more excitement than usual.  A woman had a gun in her purse.  The purse fell to the ground in the restaurant’s foyer and the gun accidentally discharged.  No one was hurt – Thank God – but you can easily imagine what could have happened.

My views on gun control aside – what struck me about this story is that the local news media didn’t identify the woman in question.  Turns out she was State Senator Julie Quinn, who was dining at Galatoire’s with her boyfriend, Jefferson Parish Councilman John Young (who is running for Parish President).  Just sort of struck me as odd because if it had been me or any other “regular Joe” I feel like the media would’ve plastered the “shooter’s” name everywhere.   

But maybe that’s just me??


In light of the controversy surrounding the gun owner’s identity, the police released a statement picked up by the TP.  The woman in question was not Julie Quinn but rather, Cheryl Mintz, who handles public relations for the Hurwitz Mintz furniture store.  Not quite the scandal originally thought, but still – why the secrecy in the first place?  Only leads to rampant rumors – clearly.