The excerpt below is taken from the digital booklet from the Treme Season 1 Soundtrack.  In light of the recent turn towards cooler weather, it just struck me as apropos.
One of those perfect New Orleans winter days. Sunny and seventy and clear. A line from a 3 Twins’ song by John Magnie and Tim Cook keeps running through my head:Look at the day that the Lord has made. We’re shooting in Lafayette cemetery No. 1, in the Garden District, the scene where Lambreaux’ Wild Man is laid to rest. Clarke Peters and Davi Jay and Karen Livers and Ameer Baraka and the extras, including current and former Mardi Gras Indians like Fred Johnson and Otto DeJean, are resplendent in their black funeral finery, and John Bagneris is sitting up on the horse-drawn hearse from the Charbonnet-Labat Funeral Home, looking correct in his black silk top hat.  Bishop Wilson, a real preacher from the Greater Macedonia Baptist Church, is reading scripture, patiently doing take after take with great dignity. To one side the great Original Royal Players Brass Band, led by Anthony Bennett, with Joseph Torregano andKid Merv and Kirk Joseph, are cooling their heels – in this scene, they’re just set dressing, part of the crowd, they don’t even get to play, and it seems a shame. During a break in the shooting, while Jane is passing out shrimp and oyster po-boys from Magazine Street, Anthony Hemingway asks the band to strike up a tune, and they launch into a glorious version of Tuba Fats, and Winnie and some other crew members start second lining up and down the paths between the tombs. It’s an indelible, evanescent, quintessential New Orleans moment: music & life in one of New Orleans’ most beautiful Cities of the Dead. The sun is shining on the marble tombs, the tumble-down and the tended alike, the sky is a soft, flawless pale turquoise through the live oak trees, the music is ringing through the graveyard, and we’re eating some seriously delicious gulfshrimp po-boys. Look at the day that the Lord has made. I feel blessed beyond measure. God, I love New Orleans. I look at Eric H, and we just start laughing at how absurdly lucky we are. They’re paying us to do this job?

Eric Overmyer 8/20/2010 NYC