Almost forgot (again) – it’s Wednesday, which means its time for the Drink Recipe of the Week.

And the drink of choice is……..Skip ‘n Go Naked.  Aptly named because this is what I like to call a “sneaker punch.”  As in, it seems so harmless and then BOOM – you’re drunky boots and dancing like no one’s watching. Except they are.  And they’re laughing with at you.
Like the Firefly Lemonade, this drink is best made in a pitcher.  You need one can of frozen concentrated lemonade, light beer and vodka.  I realize this may not SOUND appetizing, but it tastes like sweet nectar.  As an aside, this drink would be FABULOUS for any upcoming al fresco activities in which you may be partaking in light of the recently turned gorgeous weather.
Dump the frozen lemonade into the pitcher.  Use the lemonade can and add two cans of water and one can of vodka.  Add three cans of light beer.  Stir and serve over ice.  Remove film / batteries from any nearby cameras.
Enjoy my peeps!