Funds are a tad tight after The Plumbing Snafu of 2010 and the Air Conditioning Debacle.  We also still have a myriad of home improvement chores that I’d like to complete in the next century if we EVER finish with the refi of the mortgage.

That said, you can’t keep a girl from dreaming.  Ever since I saw the Kindle and the iPad I have been in lust for such an item, despite being unable to justify the purchase.  I don’t travel that much (SAD FACE), I own a laptop and I still find that there is just something about reading a real book that an e-reader will never fully be able to replace.  Except, I just can’t seem to shake my desire.  In discussing the options I realized I LOVE the iPad because it’s got a color screen and is a bit more multi-functional than the Kindle.  However, I can’t get over the price and its lack of a USB port and keyboard.  I especially can’t defend the purchase when I already own an iPhone, which does basically the same things but on a smaller scale.  The Kindle seems good (and beach-friendly) but I’m just not crazy about the black and white screen and lack of good magazines.

Enter Lenovo’s IdeaPad U1 Hybrid.  

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This thing is the best of both worlds.  Basically, you pop out the screen from  a (separately sold) case and use it as an e-reader / iPad, then pop it back into the case to use it as a fully-functional laptop.  It’s being released only in China at the end of the year but everyone’s hope is that it’ll make the trip across the ocean to the US sooner rather than later.  It’d be a good move in my extremely humble opinion because I suspect I’m not the only one who’s been coveting an iPad but unwilling to make the leap.  Guess we’ll have to wait and see.