purchase a dog DNA testing kit from Canine Heritage, a division of MMI Genomics.  We heard this story on NPR and had always been curious ourselves of what breeds The Frog could possibly be.  We definitely think there’s some border collie in there (based on her ears and that stripe down her neck) and have thought (based upon her coat, her “eyeliner” and enormous feet) that there was likely some kind of nordic breed in the mix as well.

Alas, we shall never know as the whole she-bang seems to be a bit of a scam.  The testing company received our test back in July and we’ve gotten nada in return.  I e-mailed a few times and was told the lab was backed up due to cattle testing.  It appears they got a little ahead of themselves and instead of doing the smart thing and keeping everyone up to date on what was going on, then offering some kind of discount or refund they stayed mum.

As found in the reviews on Amazon.com I’m clearly not the only one who was taken for a ride.  Methinks I smell a class action lawsuit.  Any takers??


Better file that lawsuit quick!  Apparently the company is going through Ch. 11 bankruptcy.  Nice.