The Shorn Identity.

Haha…the shorn identity….get it?  It’s like The Bourne Identity, but not.  No?  Just me?  OK then, moving on…

So this one came from a random search for Maker’s Mark on a drink recipe app on my iPhone; meaning it is untested and could potentially taste like sweat, though I doubt it because Maker’s Mark is my favorite bourbon and I refuse to believe they’d allow their name to be sullied by any drink that tasted like anything but sweet deliciousness.  I challenge one of my NINE followers (I’m clearly moving up in the blog world) to try this one and get back to me.

1 1/4 parts (what kind of measurement is that?) Makers Mark
4 drops of Orange Flower Water (no idea where one would find this)
2 oz lime juice
1 oz lemon juice
1 part simple syrup
1 egg white

Pour the above ingredients into a shaker and shake until well chilled and frothy (hence the egg white).  Strain into a sugar rimmed martini glass then sprinkle a few drops of bitters on top and “swirl into a fun design.”

I’m not going to lie.  This drink intrigues me.  As does most every drink containing an egg white.  For those of you concerned about salmonella, I urge you to buck up and quit being such a wuss.  Old Absinthe House in the Quarter has been serving a drink made with a real, live egg white for years and (far as I know) no one’s died, myself included.  Bonus points for whoever first names the drink to which I’m referring.  Double bonus points for whoever can name what said drink tastes like.  **Andrew, you are not allowed to participate due to an unfair advantage**