So I’ve had a hell of a week.  And it’s only Wednesday.  Monday and Tuesday I spent (collectively) fourteen hours in two depositions.  It was, needless to say, exhausting.  Especially considering that two of the four attorneys present engaged in verbal fisticuffs every fifteen minutes, which made for some super awkward downtime / lunch breaks.

As a result of said deposition hell, today I was dying to have a civilized lunch wherein my fellow diners were not seething with anger.  Alas, I was brutally rebuffed and spent the lunch hour at my desk.  **insert sad face here**

ANYWAY – all of this just means that I am in serious need of the cocktail to which I will be referring – The Manhattan.  It looks innocuous enough – but packs quite the punch; thus, making it one of my favorite, “It’s Friday, I’m about to have dinner and I want to forget this week ever happened” kind of drinks.

The Recipe:
1/2 oz Sweet Vermouth
2 oz Rye Whiskey
1 dash Angostura Bitters

Pour all ingredients in a shaker with ice, stir (don’t shake), strain into a martini glass.  Serve straight up (no ice for the uninitiated) and garnish with a cherry.  FYI – shaking a drink chips the ice, which basically results in a watered down drink.  This means James Bond with his “shaken not stirred” martini was being a wuss.  Bonus points if anyone can name the television show from which I gleaned this knowledge.  *Hint – it starred hottie Rob Lowe and Bradley Whitford.

File:Manhattan Cocktail2.jpg