I bum rides from people at work all the time.  This makes me feel kind of shitty and like I’m constantly imposing, which I’m sure I am to some degree.  I try to lure people in with the promise of free drinks at some future date; however, at present one beleaguered friend is preggers and the other has yet to take me up on the offers – so perhaps it’s not entirely my fault…

But honestly, public transportation scares me.  I have no idea how it works in terms of paying, routes, avoiding eye contact with the lady who mutters to herself.  I’d be the asshole newb who holds up the line asking people to break my bills for some change, then be relegated to the only available seat next to the aforementioned CrazyPants.  
I recognize that this is a totally snobbish and irrational mentality but I should remind you that, although I am a member of the huddled masses, I still don’t like them.  Thus, I am also, apparently, self-loathing.  
That’s a lot to take in on a Monday.