As promised today’s drink recipe is one I had at Oak last week.

The Louis Prima.  The drink is named after a local jazz musician who came to fame around the 1930’s.

After doing a bit of a search and finding no “official” recipe, I decided that this drink was concocted by someone at Oak.  This also means that I’m guessing as to the measurements.  It’s like being a scientist and performing an experiment – only with booze.  I’m fairly certain that never happened in your high school chem lab.

The drink ingredients are Pimm’s No. 1, Prosecco and a cucumber spear.  This drink should be served in a champers glass.

As for the actual proportions, I’d start off your mixology lesson by trying a one to one ratio of Pimm’s to the Prosecco and, based upon your taste test, tweak the recipe from there.  Just pour the Pimm’s straight into the glass and top with the Prosecco then garnish with a cucumber spear.  Salute!

I found the drink to be refreshing and lovely.  Lemme know how you find it!