As you may know, I recently jumped into the pool that is the e-reader community and purchased Barnes and Noble’s Nook.  I was super excited and overall happy with my purchase as it is soooo convenient to have on the go.  I took it along on all those wretched depositions recently and was glad to have something with which I could pass all of the awkward downtime.  

That being said, I got an email yesterday evening from Barnes and Noble and my reaction was thusly:

Basically, B&N has just come out with a touch-screen, full-color e-reader that will be available in November.  Had I but known I would’ve held off on my purchase.  Now, the new version does not have the e-ink screen, which means reading in sunlight will be difficult, as it is with the iPad.  However, I’m not exactly a beach person so it’s not like this would be the end of the world.  So now, instead of loving and enjoying the Nook I have, every time I look at it I am reminded of the newer, sleeker version I could’ve had if I’d just held off on my purchase for a few weeks.  Ah, Fate – you evil whore.  

Moral of the story?  Technology is always going to screw you in the end.  F*ckers.