I walked into Starbucks this morning for my grande non-fat chai latte and was greeted with the above holiday-inspired accoutrement.  I always get excited when Starbucks starts using the Christmas cups because it means the holiday season is just around the corner.  

I love it because it means cold weather, fires in fireplaces, chilling with the family and in my particular situation – the end to a kind of shitty year.  So in honor of sticking a fork in 2010, I plan to turn my house into a Winter Wonderland immediately after Thanksgiving.  I have enlisted the help of my mother, a.k.a. “Martha F*cking Stewart” in this lovely task and will share with you the fruits of our labor at a later date.  As previously mentioned, my house is tee-ninsy, so this should be interesting.  Hopefully when we’re done the hubs will still have somewhere to sit and eat dinner and the dog won’t be perched on his lap.  Either way, I think they’ll just have to get over it.  It’s Christmas time bitches.