So thanks in part to a housing market that, even in NOLA, has taken a dive; we are resigned to staying put in our lil’ “condo alternative” shotgun for the foreseeable future.  I’m not exactly thrilled because I yearn for a place where I can have this:
A DINING ROOM!  Le’sigh.  Anyway, dream crashing aside…I’ve resolved that since I can’t have the HOUSE I want, I can at least make the house I DO have HOW I want it.  Now, most boys when faced with this situation would just say, “yes dear” and keep their heads down while the little woman went off on a tear.  My hubs, on the other hand, has opinions – sometimes to my chagrin and consternation.  
Case in point.  We repainted the guest room this lovely and soothing blue that we somehow managed to agree upon.  The furniture in the room is mostly dark(ish) and heavy-looking wood and consists of two bedside tables and the bed, which are fairly “traditional” looking.  Enter this guy:
Cadet Wardrobe from
This lovely piece is white, has clean lines, it’s simple and would fit perfectly in the room and provide a place to stash books, linens and the occasional stray knick-knack.  I was vetoed on the purchase because it was “too modern.”  **insert sad face here**
MY opinion is that there is absolutely nothing wrong with a little mixing and matching when it comes to home decor and style.  In fact(!), I think it keeps things interesting.  I don’t want someone to walk into my house and instantly remember seeing the living room from the October issue of Pottery Barn.  Mixing and matching is the spice of life; is it not??  
Well, the room will hopefully be completely done (still have a baseboard to paint) this weekend and I’ll post some pics for those who are interested and wish to weigh in on the great debate.  
Later peeps!