I just spent a total of about four to five hours working on something that The Boss did not, in fact, want me to prepare.  FML.
I’m not sure why exactly this year has been so exhausting with regard to work, but it totally has.  Perhaps it’s due to the fact that I haven’t been on a real vacation in about two years.  I’m not talking about the “long weekend” kind of vacay, but the “PEACE OUT B*TCHES, SEE YOU IN TEN DAYS” kind of vacation.  
We went to Ireland for Thanksgiving in 2008 and it was GLORIOUS.  I drank nothing but Jack and Diet Coke and Guinness the entire time.  Note to my fellow travelers – apparently the Irish deem Jack Daniels to be of the finest quality and therefore, often refuse to sully it with the addition of soda of any kind.  Who knew?  Also, if you stumble into a pub in Adare and find the bartender touting the “New Yank Drink” I advise you to steer clear.  After a few too many we made Andrew drink Malibu and Red Bull in exchange for $30 euro.  It apparently caught on after we left despite the fact that it was NASTY.
Adare Manor
As for future vacay plans, I have tentative designs on doing a wine country vacay next fall or perhaps gay Paris in the winter of 2011.  We shall see how the credit card sitch shapes up over the next few months.  
Any of you peeps have fun vacays planned?  Not that I could use the FML material but figured I’d ask…to be polite.  Mind you, I’ll probably be cursing you under my breath if you do share.  So just keep that in mind.
Later taters!