We had this sort of decrepit looking bar that had been my grandfather’s years ago.  It was an old armoire that he converted himself – adding shelving and racks for wine glasses, etc.  But after who knows how many years of use, it was time to move on.  The veneer was in bad shape and the main shelf, upon which all of the booze sat, was cracked in half leaving me paranoid that I’d be awakened in the middle of the night by a loud crash when the board finally gave way and sent the booze tumbling down onto my stemware.

I’ve been in the market for a new bar for a while now and have admired a few in Pottery Barn but never got around to pulling the trigger on something that would likely cost two grand.  So after the hubs nixed my Cadet Wardrobe from CB2.com for the guest room I started looking at bars again, finding a lovely one  ON SALE!

The Bridgeton Bar Armoire.  I jumped on it and it was delivered the Monday after Thanksgiving.  I spent the entire evening editing what was in the old bar and organizing everything back into the new bar.  It was glorious.

The upper half holds the glassware and booze and the lower half holds even more glassware AND has a built-in wine rack.  I’ve also put some little knickknack type things, like flasks, into the wine rack because not even I will ever fill that thing.  Basically because wine doesn’t last very long in my household.  The law does that to you.
So there you have it folks!  My new baby.  I should note, we were without a bar for about two weeks after we sent the old one to live out its days in Mandeville.  People instantly walked into the house and said, “WHAT’S MISSING?!”  I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not…