As most of you probably have already gathered, I am not a fan of people.  I find most of them seem to be so lacking in basic intelligence it’s a miracle they survived to adulthood and are able to function independently on a daily basis.

Enter the 2010 Census, which found that only 27.5% of the US population has a college degree.  This is not shocking to me.  In fact, it explains so much while at the same time, makes me weep for society.

Now, I’m not saying you must have a college degree to NOT be an idiot; certainly I’ve met / am friends with people without one who are quite intelligent.  I suspect, however, that those people are the exception to the rule – just as are those people with college degrees (and law degrees) who make me question the entire educational system.  And while it’s reassuring to me that at least 84% have graduated from high school, that’s simply not enough anymore.  In fact, today’s college degree is yesterday’s high school diploma, which means someone truly looking to make a better life for him or herself is better off getting a graduate degree (just DO NOT BECOME A LAWYER).  Yet the cost of going to college and graduate school has risen to such a degree that it makes it virtually impossible for some people to go or puts the graduate in debt up to their eyeballs.  I myself will end up paying about $90k over 30 years when all is said and done and I went to a public university for undergrad.

So basically, we apparently suck at educating our citizenry / potential work force.  I see kids wandering my neighborhood everyday with nothing to do and it kills me.  Not only because the chicanery in which they engage annoys me but because I find their failure to do something with their lives (whether due to personal laziness or external forces) disheartening.

Anyway, I’m sorry.  I usually don’t get all political and soap boxy on this thing – but what started out as a commentary on my hatred of stupid people turned into this so I went with it.  Basically, I’m just saying we have some room for improvement.  What does that improvement look like?  I have no idea.  I’m probably not smart enough to figure that out.  Oh, irony.