It occurred to me that I owed you people a post about our Christmas decorations.  Better late than never though, amiright??  NO?  Oh well, you’ll have to get over it.

So Martha “F*cking” Stewart and I went shopping one Sunday in order to achieve Christmas Decoration Vomit in the Smith household.  It was glorious.  We had a lovely lunch at one of my fave restaurants, Coquette, followed by a trip to the Wank (that’s my “loving” nickname for the West Bank) to hit the various big box stores like Pier 1, World Market, Targe’ and Michael’s.

There were deals and steals there folks.  Michael’s especially had some great stuff for prices that didn’t make me want to gouge an eye out.  The pics are below.  Enjoy!


Looking from door into LR/Kitchen

That’s the new bar.  I put some garland over it and decorated with bows and clip on poinsettias I got from Pier 1.  As we lack a fireplace, I hung J’s and my stockings from the sides.

View from Kitchen


My "tablescape" sans table. Ya gotta make do peeps.


As you are aware, I have no dining room so I used the runner on the breakfast bar and then took a trifle bowl, filled it with some ornaments and called it a day.  In the middle are my Christmas cookies that you may remember from this post earlier.


Close up of the trifle bowl arrangement


The cute kitty is a Christmas card received from some old friends.  We barely had room on the fridge so I stuck it in the bowl.  Don’t judge me.


Another "tablescape"


I found the snowman made of branches at Pier1 as well.  He was fun and festive so I had to have him.  The snowflake candle holder came from Michael’s – dirt cheap but sooo nice looking you’d never know.  The candle is a Yankee candle in one of their Christmas tree scents – sooooo delicious!  Our Frasier Fir lacked a strong scent so I was glad I snatched two of the candles – their scent just puts me in a festive, holiday spirit!

And what would Christmas be without a picture of a gorgeous elf?



I think we may have next year's Christmas card...

So there ya have it.  Late, but nonetheless.  Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and a happy New Year!!  Peace out!