I bought new running shoes recently from Nike.  They’re the kind you can design / personalize yourself.  An unnecessary indulgence; but I’m a DINK (Dual Income No Kids) so I can do things like that and only feel marginally guilty when my bottom line suffers.

Anyway, I was notified (FINALLY) that they were ready and in the process of being shipped.  From Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.  I immediately pictured small Vietnamese children hunched over scraps of leather and rubber and sewing and gluing my shoes together in a furious rush and I felt badly.  Here I am, spending $130 bucks on running shoes that, let’s be honest, won’t see THAT much running time, and the people who put together my shoes will likely never see that much money all at once in their lifetime.

I started to think of things people do to protest sweatshop and child labor in Third World Countries; but I’m not exactly a joiner.  I prefer being one of those people who throws money at a problem rather than get involved.  This is, in part, due to my general hatred of/apathy toward people.

And yet then I started to think, my shoes are still awesome-sauce.  And frankly, we don’t exactly have the skilled workforce to manufacture kick-ass things like awesome Nike shoes that you can design yourself.  We’re a nation filled with people who think they should be famous for doing nothing; much less have the work ethic of a young Vietnamese child.  So I shouldn’t feel badly that my shoes were made in Vietnam – frankly, they need the meager ducats.

Hence, why I’m a horrible person.  And am probably going to Hell.

Happy Friday my peeps!  May you rest easy in the knowledge that no matter what bad you do in this world, I will always be worse.