I realized recently that I am Even Steven.  Meaning that things usually even out for me, such that I maintain a general status quo of mild suck.

Take, for example, the following:  In 2009, after we filed our 2008 taxes we were summarily raped by the tax man to the tune of a couple grand owed in miscalculated taxes and the accompanying interest and penalties.  It was lovely.  In 2010 we filed our 2009 taxes and ended up owing only a couple hundred.  It was glorious, but only for a short time, as we were told by the plumber only a few weeks later that the main leading from our house to the street was the original terracotta pipe and would need to be replaced – to the tune of a couple grand.  EVEN STEVEN.

April is usually the time we get b*tch slapped by either the tax man or some major, unforeseen house repair and both the fridge and the washer/dryer have been eyeing me lately.  Alas, I now wait with bated breath to see what happens this year.  Here’s to hoping it’s something that can be purchased with the use of an interest-free credit card from the local Home Depot.