You know the type.  They somehow know you’re in love with them and so they string you along; calling out of the blue after it’s been almost long enough for you to start to get over them, saying things like, “I feel like you really get me”, taking you out on those weird “maybe it’s not a date because he made me buy my own ticket and popcorn, but then maybe it is because he put his arm around me” kind of dates.  Generally, they treat you like shit but at the same time make up for it just enough to keep you hanging around; thinking it will get better.

AT&T is the same.  They often have shitty service (as evidenced by the fact that I’m lucky to get reception while sitting in my house), but then they have things like the iPhone that draws you back into their clutches.  They also have shitty rate plans where I overpay for things I don’t use or need.

So now that Verizon is getting the iPhone,  I’m considering leaving AT&T when my contract expires this year.  Only, I had Verizon once before and they weren’t any better as I recall.  You could go anywhere in Mississippi and the phone just wouldn’t work.  And believe me, if there’s ANYWHERE you don’t want to be without a working phone – it’s Mississippi.

So while I’ve been a “loyal customer” of AT&T since 2004, I just feel like they’ve definitely gotten more out of this relationship than I have.  And that goes a long way towards wanting to tell someone to suck it just because you can.

Anyone have similar plans?