It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time for another DRW.  I’m going simple today because sometimes you want a drink that LOOKS fancy, but doesn’t make the bartender want to slap you square in the face.  Chambord and Champagne.

You will need the following:

Pour just a bit of the Chambord into a champagne glass, then top with the champers.  So simple, even a moron could do it.  Because this drink lacks a fancy name, I shall henceforth dub it the “Cham Champers”.  Some people may refer to it as  Kir Royal(e), but those people are WRONG.  The reason being:  A Kir Royal(e) has champers and Creme de Cassis, which is a blackcurrant-flavored liqueur.  LAWYERED.

On a somewhat related note, Chambord’s website suggests pouring the liqueur over vanilla ice cream.  THIS LITERALLY SOUNDS LIKE AWESOME SAUCE!