J.Crew is having a sale (I got a SWEET deal on a new coat); however, Drex was not so fortunate.  I have cut and pasted his email below for your viewing enjoyment.  First though, some back-story.  We call Drex “a large fella” because whilst in Ireland – land of the midget people – we were making our way down to the dungeon/basement turned bar at our hotel and were met by a tiny Irish bloke who, when coming face to navel with Drex developed a startled look on his face and said, “Oh, you’re a large fella.”  After which everyone but Drex dissolved into giggles.  Now, on to the letter…

To Whom It May Concern:

Your recent sale advertised a men’s peacoat for “regular” people at $149, which is a 42% mark down, however your “tall” was only marked down 17% to 229.  This is the latest in a string of incidents with your clothes, including not making jackets sized 46T for your linen suit last summer, and never being able to find pants long enough in the store, that have made me realize that you actually do not want me as a customer.

I love your clothes and your aesthetic, but I refuse to buy pants that don’t break properly, and refuse to buy jackets that make me look like I’m 16 after a growth spurt.  I also don’t understand why an inch and a quarter added to the length of fabric means one-third the mark down in a sale, especially if its only $20 at full price!

I realize that at 6’3″ I am a large man, but Christ, does that mean I deserve to get hosed at the register after struggling to find clothes that fit?

Kind Regards,


A Large Fellow.


Insert sad face here.  However, I’m all about firing off angry emails, despite the fact that they rarely lead to any resolution.  Various city officials probably send anything from my email addy straight to their spam folders, but at the very least, it makes me feel better.  Booze helps too.  Booze always helps…