I, admittedly, suffer from a wicked case of road rage.  And not just the, “that dude cut me off and that was mean” kind of road rage; but the, “IF I HAD WEAPONS ATTACHED TO MY CAR I WOULD LIGHT YOU UP” kind of ROAD RAGE.  It’s not that I think people intentionally do stupid things on the road in an effort to insult me personally; it’s that I inherently believe that most people are absolute morons and their very existence (and my being forced to interact with them) irks me.

There is currently a sh*t ton of road work being done that now interferes with my daily commute.  Normally, this leads to only minor irritation, but today I would’ve cut someone if given the opportunity.  Forces combined to make sure I was behind a city bus that remained stopped at a light for two cycles, then I got behind someone who apparently was unaware of how turning right on a red light works.  The final straw was when I wound up behind the driver of a Mercedes SUV, who apparently thinks that the accelerator is not to be used and prefers to coast along at idle speeds and then come to a stop at a right turn when the light is still green – just to make sure – then proceed to idle into the turn, but stopping again to make sure.  It was at this point that I nearly destroyed the steering wheel of my car with the force applied to the horn.  I swear whoever was driving that car must have been a ten year old child……..or dead.