I own, quite possibly, the most expensive mutt on Earth.  As proof I offer this fact:  She has had more plastic surgery than I have.  This time last year she required an “eye lift” for the removal of some cysts on her eyelids.  THIS year, she got a “nose job” for the removal of a tumor.  My dog is already a talker…

But Madison on drugs is a whole other ball game. She spent the whole night acting like THIS KID.  I tried to get video of it but she wasn’t exactly in a cooperative mood.

So, in addition to keeping me and the hubs up all night, she also has decided that her normal food (and the means of ingesting it) is no longer acceptable.  Therefore, I was required to go to the store at 8pm last night, pick up wet dog food AND THEN HAND FEED IT TO HER;  i.e. I got to dump gross, slimy dog food into my palm and the dog then licked it up.  She has always been a bit of a diva – she once faked/exaggerated hip pain in exchange for attention – but this is a bit much.  If her medication didn’t require her to eat something before taking it this would not be happening.

All of which returns me to the conclusion that I AM A SUCKER.  **bangs head on desk**