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Done now?  Good – down to brass tacks.

This woman went to pick up her “new” 2008 Mercedes and got caught in a hailstorm yesterday – along with, I’m sure, THOUSANDS OF OTHER PEOPLE who apparently aren’t fortunate enough to drive luxury cars.  Or maybe they are, but they aren’t fortunate enough to know someone who works for the Times Picayune.  Anyway, I’m at a loss as to why our “lovely” newspaper deemed THIS story newsworthy?

Because what I get from this story is, “WAH!  I bought a new Benz and now it’s ruined!  Now I have to deal with this horrible thing called INSURANCE!  Woe as me!  Please weep for me as I cry into this pile of money I keep by the bed.”

Just sayin’.


Apparently this story was ALSO carried by one of the local TV news stations.

I’m beginning to think that the Times Picayune’s initials – “TP” – were no accident.