OK.  You can chastise me all you want – I KNOW.  I haven’t posted one of these in a while.  But you must understand.  It’s hard.  This blogging thing.  Having to be “on” all the damn time.  Fine, maybe not “all” the time, but there’s definitely pressure to only post amusing tidbits and I, my friends, haven’t been feeling it lately.  I can’t quite place my finger on the whens and whys, but something has been off lately – I’ll leave it at that.

Now, with that out of the way…on to the DRW!  I can’t remember how I came across this one, so if you sent it to me and I’ve failed to give you credit – please feel free to berate me in the comments.  Also, please feel free to drop in your own ideas for DRWs – I’m nothing if not a democratic dictator.

Bourbon Slush Punch!

First.  Let me just say – I KNOW.  There apparently is a website out there for both gardening and gun enthusiasts.  In the past, I certainly would have thought that those two things wouldn’t go together very well.  But clearly, I am not one to judge.  It seems to be a Southern Living type of zine, so, now that I think about it – those two things clearly go together.  But only in the South.

You will need the following

6 cups water
2 cups strong tea
2 cups bourbon
1 cup sugar
One 6-ounce container frozen orange juice concentrate, thawed
One 6-ounce container frozen lemon juice concentrate, thawed

Garnish: Mint sprigs or lemon slices (optional)

Combine the water, tea, bourbon, sugar, orange and lemon juice concentrate in a large container or bowl, and mix until sugar dissolves.  Pour into two gallon-size freezer bags.**  Freeze until an hour before serving.  Place the frozen punch in a large bowl and let thaw, breaking up every 15 minutes.  When punch is melted, add more ice or water as desired.  Serve in punch cups.  Garnish, if desired.

**Okay.  Again with the suggestion to pour liquidy booze into freezer bags.  This is dumb, my peeps.  I don’t know about you, but I certainly do not have the faith in Ziploc that these people seem to.  It’s called a pitcher, boys and girls, and I suggest you purchase one if you haven’t already.  Also, if you are challenged and unaware as to how to make “strong tea” those deets are below.

Anywho, the punch sounds lovely, and right up my alley as the temps start to rise here in NOLA.  While it continues to be unseasonably cool, I’m bracing myself for the onslaught of summer with temps in the 90’s and 100% humidity.  FML.
Strong Tea
2 cups water
1 family-size or 4 regular tea bags

Boil the water.  Add the tea bag(s) and let steep until cool.  Discard the tea bag(s) and set aside.