A little back-story. About three or four years ago I decided to try out hot yoga. Hot yoga is where a bunch of people crowd into a tiny room where the heat is turned up to 85 and you spend 90 minutes doing various yoga poses.  I don’t remember why I thought this was a good idea.  Anyway, during one class, I was mid-pose with both arms above my head when my right arm started to feel weird. I dropped my arms and saw that my right arm was WHITE; i.e. all of the blood had drained away. It happened a few more times during the class but I ignored it. The following morning, my arm was all tingly and shit and it freaked me out enough to go to the hospital where the doctor was completely useless. I ultimately went to a neurologist who diagnosed me with thoracic outlet syndrome – which basically means I can’t raise my arm above my head or my clavicle will compress the artery and the arm loses blood flow. It was literally the equivalent of a doctor telling me, “Just don’t do that anymore.”

So this morning I awoke around 3am and hazily turned over in my sleep only to sort of feel like my right arm wasn’t responding.  I sat up in bed and my right arm fell off the bed.  I couldn’t feel it or move it in any way, shape or form.  I could feel the dead weight of it hanging from my shoulder but could do absolutely nothing.  I had to pick up my right arm with my left hand and put it in my lap.  Then I tried to move my fingers on my right hand – NOTHING.  This is when I started to FREAK THE F OUT.  It is probably one of the worst feelings – to look at a body part that you’re desperately trying to move and get nada in response.  So I woke the hubs in a panic because all I could think about was how weird it would be to have to walk around with a DEAD ARM for the rest of my life.  Eventually, the blood started flowing again and movement returned but SHIT.  That was not the way I needed to start my morning.

My arm still feels funny.  Which means I will now spend the entire day thinking about how I probably have a blood clot and will have a stroke and die.  Welcome to my life.