College rocked my face off.  I had awesome friends, which led to awesome times.

On one such awesome occasion, we had been out drinking socializing and sometime just after 3am realized we were STARVING.  So, we did what any self-respecting college student would do – hit up Raising Cane’s – home of the awesomest chicken fingers EVER.

Unfortunately, by the time we pulled into the drive-thru, the disembodied voice behind the speaker advised us that they were shutting down and had no chicken to give.  SAD FACE.  We were three (maybe four?  I dunno, as I said, we’d been drinking socializing earlier in the evening) girls in the car and clearly disappointed in our failure to achieve our stated goal of obtaining delicious chicken fingers.  The angel manning the drive-thru then told us to pull up to the window.  When we got there, he handed us a box filled with FRIES and all the Cane’s Sauce he could cram in there.  The joy we felt was overwhelming.  Had I the opportunity, I probably would’ve kissed that dude on the mouth.  He didn’t even charge us because those fries were going to be thrown away.  We felt as though we’d won the lottery.

We raced away and determined that the best place to enjoy our bounty was the LSU Parade Grounds.  I’m not sure why, but it seemed like a tremendous idea at the time (which it totally was).  We stumbled out to the war memorial and sat on the steps and proceeded to stuff our faces with the free fries and enjoyed an evening among friends.

That’s just one of many fond memories I have of college.  I often find myself sitting at work and reminiscing about those days – wishing I could go back.  I totally would too, because, as it turns out, being a grown up sucks enormous monkey balls.