Dear Asshat who “walks” your unleashed dog:

You are a douche for three reasons:

  1. Last I checked most cities have this thing called a leash law, which makes it a ticket-able offense to not have your dog on leash.
  2. Your unleashed dog makes my leashed dog feel threatened and/or vulnerable, which makes for trouble when we pass you on the sidewalk.  No amount of training on my part can fix this problem because dogs are not stupid.  They sense the difference between being “trapped” on a leash and able to fight or run if needed.  As a result, my dogs react accordingly when confronted with your unleashed dog.
  3. I don’t care how trained or under control you think your unleashed dog is, your dog is still an animal and as such, can react uncharacteristically without a moment’s notice.  You are essentially putting every person and animal your unleashed dog comes into contact with in danger because should the unthinkable happen you will have zero control over your dog.  That your dog is well-trained and has never done anything of the kind before will be of little comfort once an incident occurs.
So please do everyone a favor and quit being a self-righteous douche who looks at me with disdain when my leashed dogs freak out a bit when confronted with your unleashed accident waiting to happen.  Mmm’kay pumpkin?