Brought to me by….HOTPOINT!

When we first looked at this house, it had no appliances.  While we did ask that they be installed upon purchase, we were stupid and failed to request non-shitty ones.  Hence why the smarmy bastards saddled us with a dishwasher, stove and microwave by HOTPOINT.

I have no real complaints re: the stove (because I don’t cook) or the microwave (it heats shit up when necessary); however, the dishwasher is another story.  It must be run on hot water on the “pots and pans” setting at all times or it doesn’t.clean.shit.

In a perfect world I would take a baseball bat to that f*cker and walk away.  And it looks like I may get my chance because (SURPRISE!!) it’s making the weirdest buzzing noise.  Seriously, it’s almost bad enough to make me think my house might burn down if I don’t shut it off.  Which…now that I think about it…might NOT be such a bad thing…hmmmm….