So a while back I was walking the dogs and a dude who looked like he may or may not be homeless started yelling something in my direction (though sometimes, you can’t be too sure).  After two or three attempts, I finally discerned that he was advising me that the empty lot in which I was letting my dogs do their thing had sickened his own dog.  I would attempt to recreate the actual words used by the gentleman, only they were pretty indecipherable so I’m not sure how to translate exactly.  In response, I did what I always do when potentially being yelled at by a dude who may or may not be homeless while walking alone in my ‘hood.  I IGNORED HIM.

Cut to a week or so later and I’m again walking the dogs – alone.  Dude is sitting on the porch of the neighbors who live directly behind us.  He, along with about three other people, all begin to talk about how I should keep my dogs out of the aforementioned empty lot because they will become ill and how, essentially, I was being a bitch for ignoring their ever so thoughtful advices.

I thought to myself…WHY WOULD I LISTEN TO SOMEONE WHO COULD PASS AS A HOMELESS PERSON?  Because last time I checked my vet had both A DEGREE IN VETERINARY MEDICINE AND A HOUSE.  I’m just sayin’.