I should probably stop calling it the DRW as I seem to publish them sporadically these days.  But I blame you, the readers, in part because I believe I’ve repeatedly asked for you to do my job (i.e. find a new drink recipe to share) and you have all failed.  Miserably.  So if you’re lamenting the lack of new DRWs you only have yourself to blame.

Well, now that we have THAT out of the way…This week’s recipe is the Champagne Cocktail.  Now, I know what you’re thinking…”I thought only hookers drank those things.”  To which I say, “Well, I know Mom sure likes ’em.”  Except that’s not true.  My mom drinks bourbon – like a good Southerner.

Onto the recipe.  You will need the following:

Place the sugar cube and bitters (two dashes) in a chilled champagne flute.  Fill with champers and garnish with a twist of a lemon peel.

I don’t think I’ve ever actually HAD a champagne cocktail, but it sounds pretty good.  And no, I’m not a hooker.  But I AM a lawyer…so maybe that’s just a distinction without a difference.  Damn.