So I work out with Trainer Gary at the park two days a week.   Trainer Gary makes me jog around said park after torturing me with things like one-legged squats.  Hence why I usually just walk.

Anyway, there’s this chick I see on occasion and I’ve noticed that she likes to cheer on the fatty-fat-fats (i.e. me).  Not in a mean way, mind you.  She seems totally sincere in her efforts; like she’s thinking to herself, “YES!  Keep up the good work.  You made a decision to exercise this morning rather than have twelve delicious doughnuts!”  It’s just that, it kind of offends me, regardless of her context.

I think it offends me because I wasn’t ever a fatty-fat-fat in my entire life until I started working.  And I don’t go around eating twelve doughnuts for breakfast and fried chicken and french fries for lunch and dinner and wonder why I’m enormous.  I eat sensibly…not perfectly, mind you, because I live in NOLA and I sincerely refuse to deny myself the few benefits of that.  And I exercise – I have Trainer Gary twice a week and lately, have added a new boot camp that I hit at least twice a week, though I try to shoot for three.

The problem is, every time I start exercising more and eating better and I don’t lose an inch I get discouraged and eventually fall off the wagon.  This results in my becoming more and more convinced that the reason I’m a fatty-fat-fat is because I am STRESSED.  And not just the, “oh, this short period of time in your life sucks monkey balls and then you get over it” kind of stressed; but the, “most people seem to go about their daily lives with a stress level of 2 and I live mine at a 7” kind of way.

Not to bore you (though I probably am), but I think my point is, it seems she thinks that because I’m a fatty-fat-fat that I lack some kind of discipline that fit people have and thus, need some extra encouragement.  But I don’t think I’m a fatty-fat-fat for the same reasons that most other people are and thus, I am offended.  It comes down to context, I guess, and just because you come from a good place doesn’t mean that it’s received in the manner you intended.

Sorry to get all “Jenny Craig/Weight Watchers” on you.  I just had this thought rambling around in there and felt like I needed to flesh it out a bit.