THIS article is related to the POST I wrote last week regarding the douche-canoe known as Rep. Jeff Landry.

You’ll note that his behavior has basically gotten him black-listed from the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement’s New Orleans office. You’ll also note that, being the douche-canoe that he is, he is refusing to apologize for, essentially, calling a bunch of hard-working public officials Nazis.  Instead, he is demanding that his rude behavior go unpunished and that it is HE who is owed the apology.

Which leads me to the question…Why are people constantly surprised that others do not want to help them after they’ve acted like an asshat? Because let me tell you something. If there’s one thing that Martha “Fucking” Stewart has taught me about the working world – it is that if you are nice to people – THEY WILL HELP YOU DO SHIT. If you are a rude piece of garbage, they will not stop to piss on you while you’re burning.

Burn away Jeff Landry…BURN AWAY.