One of my biggest fears is that I will have a stroke.

I had a friend who was preggers and attending a work function. She had an episode of Bells Palsy – apparently that shit sometimes happen to preggers people – I didn’t know that was a thing. So she’s standing there in mid-conversation with someone and she suddenly can’t remember words and feels like she’s having a stroke. SHE SAYS NOTHING TO ANYONE INCLUDING HER HUSBAND. Then when they finally leave she mentions the episode and after googling some shit they determine she is fine and will call the doctor the next day.

She relates this story to me a few days later and I am HORRIFIED. Mainly, because I truly believe that if I were in the middle of a party and suddenly began experiencing symptoms of a stroke…I WOULD HAVE FALLEN TO THE FLOOR AND STARTED SCREAMING THAT I WAS HAVING A STROKE.

But I’m not dramatic or anything…