So in passing, I was essentially told by my boss recently that I am now a “senior associate.”

I am not sure how I found myself in this position. But I AM SURE that I do not like it. The extra responsibility and trust that comes along with this designation is unsettling to me. Mainly because I have moments every day where “I didn’t know that was a thing.”

I recognize that this isn’t very “adulting” of me; but there you have it. A paralyzing fear of committing malpractice and not having a “dotted line”* to save me because I sort of AM a dotted line now.


*A “dotted line” is someone who is your senior in your place of employment, and is kind of, but not REALLY, a boss. This person often knows shit that you do not and can help guide you in your path as you discover that “you didn’t know that was a thing.” My dotted line abandoned me recently. I am screwed.