But I have a good excuse. I PROMISE.

We were knee-deep in the process of selling our old house and buying a new one when the appraiser of the new house came along and took a huge dump in the proverbial pool. That was the reason why I wanted to sue all of the people for all of the things.

Because the appraisal was terrible it looked like the deal on the new pad was going to fall through. So I basically spent a week of my life crying at my desk every day and wondering how we were going to move to that place where social lives go to die in one weekend. Not to mention the hours spent in the car due to a MUCH longer commute for however long it took to find and close on another place.

Then somehow it all magically worked out. It was like they tell race car drivers – when you see a wreck happen in front of you, just drive straight towards it because the cars will have cleared by the time you get there. What kind of made it freaky was that on the day we finally sealed the deal we ordered Chinese food and my fortune cookie told me that, “Fate will find a way.” I thought it very fitting and left it on the fridge for the new owner of our old place; along with a bottle of champers in the fridge – CAUSE WE’RE AWESOME.

So we’re in the new place now and loving it. I’m slowly unpacking shiz and rediscovering crap that I thought I’d thrown away ages ago but somehow just wound up shoved under a bed.

It’s a process. That is greatly helped along by booze.