I just had your Chicken & Stars Soup at Hand today for lunch. I was nonplussed. The “soup” part tasted like water with a smidge of salt; meanwhile the “stars” were nowhere to be found. When I finally found the “stars” they sort of tasted like little bits of wadded up paper. I’m 99% certain that vegans could eat this “soup” because I sincerely doubt that any actual chickens were harmed in its making.

My second regret (the first being purchasing this product) is that I have another can of this “soup” in my desk that I must consume lest I deem myself wasteful. There are starving children in Africa after all. Which makes me think…this soup would be excellent to send to them. Cause you know how when a person has been starved nearly to death you can’t just give ’em a ham sandwich cause they’ll get sick – you have to give ’em something that is bland. Your soup comes to mind…is what I’m saying.

That is all.


*I wrote this yesterday but I was protesting and all.