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I got my Father’s Day gift idea email from JA today. It contained the following photo:

DYING! And yet, duh, not a shocker.

I have recently become obsessed with most things JA. Am currently coveting about a dozen lamps, pillows and the most amazing cocktail table ever.

The price tag is a bit overwhelming, but something about it calls to me. If I get a Christmas bonus this year, it might be purchased and living in my house by New Year’s. We shall see.

**EDIT** I totally just noticed that corkscrew is RIGHT above the DILF pillows. I DON’T THINK THAT WAS AN ACCIDENT.

I’ve found that people these days don’t care about facts. Or who said what. Or where the “information” they’ve quoted comes from.

Just so long as the word vomit regurgitates their own beliefs back to them they’re perfectly willing to pass it on ad nauseum (that’s a lot of vomit for one sentence. FYI.).

I long for days of meaningful political discourse; where intelligent conversations were had without one party devolving into name-calling or abject reliance on MSNBC or FOX News.

When did doubt become a bad thing? Why is a change of heart and mind something to be vilified rather than celebrated?

An open mind isn’t a bad thing. It’s something to be celebrated. It means we are capable of change, of reinvention…capable of outside-the-box solutions to problems that eluded our forefathers.

The thought of a stagnant society for the sake of walking the beaten path is a society that is dead before it’s laced its proverbial shoes.

I’ll pass on that one. Thanks.


Not for nothing…but I bet your dad couldn’t find one.



HONEY! For the love. I’m pretty fucking certain that THIS precise situation is why baby jesus invented full-coverage underwear AND SLIPS!

Your mother should be ashamed but she’s probably your BFF and shares your clothes.

Excuse me while I go pound my forehead on my desk.


Bristol Palin Criticizes Obama On Gay Marriage, Says Kids Need Mom And A Dad. Let That Sink In. – The Superficial – Because You’re Ugly.

Like a fat kid loves cake. Or, like Bristol Palin likes penis. Yeah. Like that. I heard she likes that a lot.

I never have quarters. NEVER.

Mostly because I never pay cash for anything except occasionally my morning coffee.

And every time I pay cash for my coffee, I feel compelled to leave my change in the tip jar for fear that the people behind me or, worse, THE BARISTA* will think I’m an enormous douche for pocketing that 44 cents.

*I really hate the word “barista.” It’s right up there with “amuse bouche” on the “if you say this I think you’re a pretentious asshole” barometer. Just FYI.

I get coffee almost every morning. It’s part of my routine and, frankly, makes the fact that I have to go into work a little less dreary. Most days, my coffee-fetching activities take little time because pretty much everyone who arrives at a coffee shop between the hours of 7 and 9 am are also worker bees headed to an office somewhere.

Then there are “those people.” These are the assholes who are there to “study” (i.e. read Facebook all day) or “read the newspaper” (i.e. converse with other retirees for hours about god only knows what). They have nowhere to be and zero cognizance of how their actions affect others. “Those people” come in at 8:15 am and hold up the line of drones by asking questions about what type of tea they should order, or whether the biscuits are fresh or frozen, or, more heinously, they insist upon ordering some drink that involves a twelve-step process to create none of which involve the actual use of coffee.

I’m a firm believer that there should be a separate line for “those people” because, truly, nothing irritates me more than having to wait twenty minutes for a latte because you’d rather have what is, essentially, a frosty for your morning beverage.

I bet people who “go postal” at work and embark upon a murderous rampage probably had a Violent Femmes song pop up first thing on their iTunes that morning.


Or is that just me?

Never mind then. Please disregard the above. And don’t call the cops. That would totally put a dent in my weekend plans.

My FML Moment of the Day

Brought to me by…MACY’S!

I was browsing a website that has cookies and came face to face with this:

Apparently Macy’s thinks I should only be shopping for fat girl clothes.


It’s about politics. But before I get to my question, let me just clarify from the outset that this post is in no way meant to inflame, cause moral outrage or offend. It is not intended to “go viral” or spark a political movement. It is simply the best way I know to reach out to those who think differently than I do and get an honest answer without the drama that can often accompany political discourse that occurs in real life.

So moving on, here is my question. Which, in reality, is more of a stream of different thoughts that have plagued me over the last few months.

The message of Republicans and conservatives seems inconsistent.

It’s my understanding that part of what Republicans and conservatives want is less government regulations and less government intrusion into their lives. So why, then, is it OK to tell people what they can or can’t do in the privacy of their homes or with their bodies or minds? Why is requiring a transvaginal ultrasound before a woman terminates a pregnancy OK? Why is it OK to want prayer in school, but only want Christian prayer? Why is it not OK for an atheist or Muslim to voice his or her concerns over state-sanctioned religious activities?

How can a country founded upon religious freedom deem it OK to base its laws on a religion not shared by all of its constituents? I am not a religious person and have my doubts about organized religion in its entirety. As a result, I find it presumptuous that legislators should base the country’s definition of marriage on a religious text. A flawed religious text at that. Certainly there are numerous conflicts within the Bible and provisos that we no longer put much stock in – like stoning unruly children to death. So why do we get to disregard some aspects but hold fast to others and then codify those rules a select few have chosen to listen to?

Now, some may say that the legislators are only doing the people’s will. And, in a representative democracy, there generally is nothing wrong with that. It’s part of how and why this government was formed. But, consider this: the judicial branch exists for a reason. Namely to protect the minority from oppression by the majority. To right wrongs. To sometimes be the standard-bearers when necessary. I often wonder how long it would have taken the people of this country to outlaw slavery or Jim Crow laws if the judiciary hadn’t intervened. Just because something is what the majority wants / thinks / believes doesn’t mean it’s right. Who among you would stand up today and say that Jim Crow laws were OK? I hope none. But we have the benefit of hindsight and (for the most part) not having lived through it.

So that being said…How is the civil rights movement not the same as the homosexual rights movement? There were cases that went through the judicial system because an African-American person could not marry a Caucasian person. Such a marriage was deemed, at the time, to be morally repugnant. Leaving aside any religious arguments – why is OK to tell two consenting adults that they cannot get married? And I say, leave aside the religious arguments because not everyone shares your religious beliefs; thus, we should not be required to share them in order to share the same civil society. I have no doubt that during the Civil Rights era, there were people calling out the courts and decrying “activist” judges. Just as people today are incensed that courts have opened the doors to homosexual marriage.

It is my opinion – and I may very well be shown wrong – that in fifty, seventy or one hundred years, homosexual marriage rights will be just the same as those now enjoyed by heterosexuals and we will look back with a fair amount of shame and regret at how cruelly we acted towards those fighting for equality. Just as I feel now when I look back at pictures of grown-ass men shouting racial epithets at a little black girl on her way to school.

I’ve heard some arguments against homosexual equality in marriage as being that it somehow lessens heterosexual marriage. I don’t get that. I don’t understand how someone else’s relationship can have any effect whatsoever on mine. My husband and I got married because we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. For me, personally, it had no basis in anything else. I didn’t want to impress anyone or make a statement. I didn’t get married to please any deity or procreate. I just wanted to have a partner to share this world with and share that experience with my nearest and dearest. I simply cannot, for the life of me, understand why someone would intentionally deprive another human being of that experience.

Also, what is the attraction to Rick Santorum? I’m not going to lie. That dude scares me. He seems OK with imposing his religious views on the entire country. I make no judgments regarding his entire platform because I’m unfamiliar with it. My concern is just that it seems that on the political spectrum he skews way to the right and when coupled with his religiosity, I would think he would scare off moderate Republicans and Democrats, as well as the independents. It seems like if the Republicans want to have a chance at winning the general election, the best approach is to not scare off the swing voters – the moderates and independents.

Anyway, these are just a few of my thoughts. And I mean it when I say I would like answers so if you have any thoughts please leave them in the comments on this blog. Any comments left on the blog’s Facebook page or my personal Facebook page will be deleted. Also, be warned, I will delete any comments that I view as personal attacks. I’m sincerely not looking to start a vicious attack, I simply want to see what Republicans / conservatives think about perceived inconsistencies in their platforms. Don’t feel the need to respond right away – I want thoughtful answers – link to articles or websites if you want to. Take a breath – don’t hit the publish key the second you’re done. Re-read your response and make sure it says what you want it to. Maybe I’ll respond, maybe I won’t, but I will read your comments and digest your thoughts. I’m not saying I’m going to change my mind and I’m certainly not attempting to change yours, but I think a little understanding on all sides could go a long way in this day and age of partisan politics.

Thanks for reading (if you even made it this far).



No one has commented. Sad. I really was serious about wanting to hear the reasoning from the other side.

Also, these are the people who scare me…Do they also scare you? Why or why not?